The Top 40 Blogs by Frugal Moms

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At Scratch Wireless, we don’t want to lighten your wallet; we want to lighten your stack of monthly bills. While we can help in the wireless department, there are lots of other areas you could be saving some green every month. Hey, you might even want to grow a little of your own green with a garden in your backyard.

Whatever your financial fantasies, these 40 powerful, frugal living blogs (listed in no particular order of importance) have the secrets to making dollars stretch to the max. Many are written by money-smart moms, but all have impressive financial advice for families, single people, college students, and anyone who wants to save a few bucks on the stuff we need (or want).

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1. Thrifty Nifty Mommy


Blogger Janessa started Thrifty Nifty Mommy in 2010 with the goal of sharing product reviews and giveaways for family-friendly products, travel, and other services. Readers have tons of opportunities to win free products, and Janessa has an eye for amazing family-friendly finds and money-saving freebies.

Three posts we like from Thrifty Nifty Mommy:

2. And Then We Saved

Anna started And Then We Saved to document her personal financial journey, which entailed paying off $24,000 in debt in just 15 months. She now continues to share strategies, success stories and tips for paying down debt and saving money through her Spending Fast and Spending Diet plans.

Three posts we like from And Then We Saved:

3. Frugal Mom
Candace started the Frugal Mom blog in September 2008 to help other families live better on tight budgets. She focuses on finding ways to make money from home, budget-saving tips and strategies, and meal preparation ideas that stretch your grocery dollars.

Three posts we like from Frugal Mom:

4. Money Saving Mom
Find deals and coupons, giveaways, free e-books, and tons of money-saving ideas at Money Saving Mom. Crystal Paine started Money Saving Mom after writing a post on supermarket saving on another blog and being subsequently inundated with questions about her tactics. Now, she has a full team supporting her mission, donates proceeds from private ad sales to charity, and is both an author and a speaker sharing her money-saving expertise with the world.

Three posts we like from Money Saving Mom:

5. Femme Frugality
A 20-something blogger living in Pittsburgh, Femme Frugality shares her personal budgeting tips, current events in the financial world, programs and products that may help readers save money, and free events in the Pittsburgh area.

Three posts we like from Femme Frugality:

6. Mommy’s Wish List
Lea Ann, a former Creative Director at a major ad agency, started blogging at Mommy’s Wish List after becoming “unemployable” in her field at the age of 40. She shares her adventures transitioning to the freelance world and the tactics she uses to live on a budget – including how she manages to score $200 worth of groceries for $45 on a regular basis.

Three posts we like from Mommy’s Wish List:

 7. Frugal Babe
Frugal Babe is the chronicle of one family’s journey as they took on $38,000 in debt to start an insurance brokerage and subsequently worked to pay off not only that debt, but to pay off their mortgage early and save for their future. You’ll find tips and advice on living frugally, investing wisely for retirement, paying off debt and more.

Three posts we like from Frugal Babe:

 8. DailyWorth
“The ambitious woman’s guide to money and business,” DailyWorth is a goldmine of information on budgeting smart, investing, succeeding in business and advice on living a happier, well-rounded life. With contributions from highly-successful women entrepreneurs and financial pros, DailyWorth is a source of inspiration for driven women.

Three posts we like from DailyWorth:

9. Savvy Ladies
Founded in 2003, Savvy Ladies has helped more than 10,000 women achieve their goals of financial freedom. Savvy Ladies teaches women how to make smarter financial decisions, identify their personal life goals, and lead a richer, more fulfilling life.

Three posts we like from Savvy Ladies:

10. Go Cheap or Go Home
Denise Davis is a mom of two in Charlotte, NC who loves consignment shopping. She blogs about that, how to save money without using coupons, finding the balance between quality and price, and other creative money-saving strategies.

Three posts we like from Go Cheap or Go Home:

11. Living Well Spending Less
Ruth Soukup is a writer, photographer, entrepreneur, mom of two girls, and a recovering shopaholic. She writes on her adventures getting back on the financial track after her spending habits became out of control. Having discovered that saving can actually be fun, she spends much of her time sharing her budgeting insights with the world.

Three posts we like from Living Well Spending Less:

12. Frugalful
Frugalful is run by founder and webmaster Christy, while the content is a collection of contributions from a handful of money-savvy bloggers and the occasional guest contributor. Frugalful shares advice on couponing, working from home, budgeting and saving money on just about everything.

Three posts we like from Frugalful:

13. The Broke Mom’s Guide to Everything
A working mom who is striving to pay off debt while still managing to afford the finer things in life, The Broke Mom shares money-saving discoveries, ideas for DIY projects that save money, and ways to live more naturally on less.

Three posts we like from The Broke Mom’s Guide to Everything:

 14. Sarah Titus – Saving Money Never Goes Out of Style
Sarah Titus blogs on balancing the budget in order to be a stay-at-home mom. With dual-income families today’s norm, moms staying home with young children is often a financial sacrifice for families. Titus aims to share her secrets for staying financially secure while still being able to be there for your tikes while they’re young – regardless of income.

Three posts we like from Sarah Titus:

 15. Creative Savings
Kalyn Brooke is a full-time writer and blogger from Florida who loves books, being busy, and saving money. She aims to offer something different than the daily-deals blogs or stuffy how-to financial blogs with Creative Savings, where you can learn how to live frugally – and still have fun. Among other accomplishments, Kalyn and her photographer husband have paid off a five-year auto loan in two years, purchased a duplex at a rental price, and taken a vacation every year since they’ve been married. Her secret? You can afford anything you prioritize.

Three posts we like from Creative Savings:

16. The Penny Wise Mama
Marisa is a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom to her four-year-old twin girls. Living on one income has made her quite savvy at scouring deals and pinching pennies. She blogs about her financial feats and strategies for living a full life on a single income in today’s high-priced world.

Three posts we like from The Penny Wise Mama:

17. The Freebie Addiction
Blogger Jenny shares freebies, deals, recipes, reviews and giveaways at The Freebie Addiction. The Vancouver, WA resident started The Freebie Connection to focus on the incentive sites she participated in to earn free electronics, but switched gears to her frugal tendencies to coincide with readers’ interests and the downshift in the economy, which left many families searching for ways to cut costs.

Three posts we like from The Freebie Addiction:

18. Penniless Parenting
Penniless Parenting is run by Penny, a mom of two who shares her strategies for cooking, baking, crafting, parenting and doing just about everything under the sun frugally. She learned the ins and outs of cutting costs by working her way from barely making it through the month to being able to start a savings account, all on a minimum wage salary in a high cost-of-living area.

Three posts we like from Penniless Parenting:

19. Crazy for a Deal
Crazy for a Deal is run by blogger Riki, who originates from Memphis but now resides in Nashville. She makes cakes for special occasions, loves movie screening, and loves finding and sharing great deals.

Three posts we like from Crazy for a Deal:

20. Mom Saves Money
Nicole, an Omaha-based mom of three and author of The Extraordinary Art of Couponing, shares her couponing, budgeting and frugal living secrets at Mom Saves Money. She teaches classes on couponing, frugal living, meal planning and more at local community colleges and other organizations, putting her M.B.A. to good use to help other families live better on tight budgets.

Three post we like from Mom Saves Money:

21. The Minimalist Mom
In September of 2010, Rachel Jonat and her husband decided to become minimalists. That meant getting rid of more than half their possessions – including their car. By 2011, they had paid off more than $60,000 in debt and continued to live without a car, moving overseas in the same year for her husband’s job. Jonat blogs about her minimalist journey, sharing her secrets for living on less and paying off debt.

Three posts we like from The Minimalist Mom:

22. The Frugal Girl
Blogger Kristen, a.k.a. The Frugal Girl, is a home-schooling mom who lives on the East Coast with her husband and four children. She started The Frugal Girl to inspire others to live on less, and be happy about doing so.

Three posts we like from The Frugal Girl:

23. The Non-Consumer Advocate
Katy Wolk-Stanley wants to help you live well on less and reduce your environmental impact. She doesn’t buy anything new, and advocates for people to live on as little income as possible. The Non-Consumer Advocate is filled with tips and tricks for turning used items into useful items and other budgeting strategies.

Three posts we like from The Non-Consumer Advocate:

24. Frugal Mama
Frugal Mama Amy Suardi shares fun ways to save money and keep life simple, so there’s more time to enjoy the simple – and most important – things in life. She shares tips for saving cash in areas ranging from technology to holidays, food and more.

Three posts we like from Frugal Mama:

25. Dawn Monroe – My Life as The Frugal Mom
A Louisiana native who moved to Texas for her husband’s job transfer, Dawn Monroe learned the hard way how to survive on no income after her husband was laid off just a few months after they relocated. Monroe blogs at The Frugal Mom to share her secrets to frugal living, great deals to take advantage of, recipes, travel tips and more.

Three posts we like from Dawn Monroe – My Life as The Frugal Mom:

26. The Peaceful Mom
Kimberlee, The Peaceful Mom, wants you to live a purposeful and joy-filled life, and her blog supports that mission. She shares tips on saving and managing money, managing your time, meal planning and budgeting, parenting, ideas for family fun, and other secrets she’s discovered along her personal journey.

Three posts we like from The Peaceful Mom:

27. This Beautiful Frugal Life
Melody Hansen is passionate about getting fit, eating healthy and saving money. In 2007, Melody and her husband started following Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and managed to pay off $45,000 in debt within a year by completely revamping their budget. She blogs at The Beautiful Frugal Life to share her secrets – and tips and tricks she discovers along the way – to living healthy and happy on a budget.

Three posts we like from The Beautiful Frugal Life:

28. Mavis Butterfield: One Hundred Dollars a Month
Mavis Butterfield loves gardening and cooking, and she’s on a mission to grow 4,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables in her backyard. Over the past five years, she’s shaved an incredible amount of money off her family’s grocery bills through growing her own fruits and vegetables, raising chickens, and clipping the occasional coupon. Mavis blogs about her journey on One Hundred Dollars a Month.

Three posts we like from One Hundred Dollars a Month:

29. Happy Money Saver
Karrie is a mom of four trying to “live the country dream in the city.” Based in the Pacific Northwest, she’s passionate about living frugally, homesteading and self-reliance. She blogs about savvy ways to reduce your bills and other expenses, strategies for saving at the grocery store, and money-saving tips in the kitchen.

Three posts we like from Happy Money Saver:

30. Living Richly on a Budget
Living Richly on a Budget is run by Fanny, a mother of one and author of two books on gluten-free and organic eating. Her definition of living richly is happiness, being thankful for what you have, and having quality time to spend with friends and loved ones. She blogs about her mission to live richly and shares her tips for spending less and saving for the future.

Three posts we like from Living Richly on a Budget:

31. Penny Pinchin’ Mom
Tracie is a Penny Pinchin’ Mom who shares printable coupons, deals, steals, and money saving tips, a coupon database and much more at Penny Pinchin’ Mom. For Tracie, saving money isn’t just about clipping coupons, but about making simple lifestyle changes that have a lasting impact.

Three posts we like from Penny Pinchin’ Mom:

32. Deal Seeking Mom
Tara Kuczykowski is a Columbus, OH-based mom of three boys and two girls. She’s the brains behind Deal Seeking Mom, where she shares her adventures as a former career-oriented professional turned stay-at-home mom. Her goal is to teach readers how to stretch their dollars to the max so they have funds for occasional fun splurges.

Three posts we like from Deal Seeking Mom:

33. Passion for Savings
Heather Schisler blogs at Passion for Savings, a lead free, printable coupon website with all kinds of deals ranging from food to baby gear. She also hosts extreme couponing classes to teach her strategies for maximizing your savings in the grocery checkout aisle.

Three posts we like from Passion for Savings:

34. Stacy Makes Cents
Stacy is a housewife and mom who shares her secrets to eating healthy, nutritious foods on a budget. She shares recipes, tips for saving money in the kitchen, homeschooling information, and much more.

Three posts we like from Stacy Makes Scents:

35. Moneywise Moms
Moneywise Moms, a.k.a. Gina Lincicum, is a mother of three – including a set of identical twins – and has been helping busy moms juggle their finances by reducing spending, increasing savings, and having more quality, fun family time on a budget. Gina has managed to pay off $87,000 in debt since 2011. Her blog covers everything from making money to saving on groceries, taxes and donating to charity.

Three posts we like from Moneywise Moms:

36. Stretching Your Budget
Charlotte blogs at Stretching Your Budget about living frugally. She blogs on the side while she works full-time for the Department of Veterans Affairs. She’s passionate about couponing – and shopping – and hopes to inspire others to live within their means without skimping on things they truly enjoy.

Three posts we like from Stretching Your Budget:

37. Mom’s Lifeboat
Gina Horne is a lifestyle and money writer who blogs about “staying afloat when life is overwhelming” at Mom’s Lifeboat. Formerly, Mom’s Lifeboat covers her family’s journey after scheduling conflicts made it necessary for Gina to stay at home – or she and her husband would never see their children. The saving strategies she’s learned along the way are helpful to many families in similar situations.

Three posts we like from Mom’s Lifeboat:

38. Meet Penny
Since 2009, Tabitha Philen and her husband have been working their way out of dire financial circumstances. She figured out how to reduce her grocery bill by 50 to 90 percent, and in 2010 launched a couponing website – with her coupon binder as the “author,” and “Penny” has been helping other families cut costs ever since.

Three posts we like from Meet Penny:

39. The Suburban Mom
Jen, owner and author of The Suburban Mom, is a mother of two and an avid deal-hunter who loves to share her fabulous finds with her readers. In addition to her work at The Suburban Mom, Jen is a published book author and a freelance writer. At The Suburban Mom, she blogs about her many adventures in motherhood and the variety of ways she finds to save a few bucks along the way.

Three posts we like from The Suburban Mom:

40. WiseBread
WiseBread isn’t a single blogger, but a community of smart-minded, budget-conscious bloggers sharing their best tips and techniques for reducing expenses and saving for the future. Senior Editor Meg Favreau wrangles a team of contributors to produce the variety of valuable frugal living tips you’ll find at WiseBread.

Three posts we like from WiseBread:

We know there are lots of fantastic frugal living experts out there. Share your favorite budget-savvy bloggers with us in the comments below.


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