Cheap Cell Phone Plans? How about a free cell phone plan from Scratch Wireless

Looking For A Cheap Cell Phone Plan? How About Free? And You Won’t Skimp on Features with Scratch Wireless

Think cheap cell phone plans no longer exist? Think again. Scratch Wireless offers the cheapest, best smartphone phone plan possible—Free! And all without skimping on features and capabilities.

Get the cheapest cell phone plans available from Scratch Wireless without giving up the features you love and you’ll never have to pay a penny for service again.

Here’s what you get with smartphone plans from Scratch Wireless:

  • One of the coolest Android smartphones around: The Motorola Photon Q.
  • Switch to a new number, or keep your old digits—your choice.
  • Don’t pay a dime for text, talk or data as long as you’re on Wi-Fi (and free Wi-Fi is everywhere. Dont’ believe us? Check out our Free Wi-Fi Finder for wireless hotspots near you)
  • Never pay a dime for text messaging. Ever.
  • Hop on the cellular network only when you need to, and only when you choose to, for a minimal, pay-as-you-go cost.
  • Never sign a contract, and never pay a monthly bill again.

Forget Cheap Cell Phone Plans—Go With Free

The days of affordable gas for your car are probably gone forever, but cheap cell phone plans are alive and well. At Scratch Wireless, we think you have enough bills to pay—so why pay for smartphone service when it can be completely free?

Get the cheapest cell phone plan possible—The Free plan from Scratch Wireless. Simply buy a Motorola Photon Q and you’ll never have to pay a for service again.

Let’s face it: Paying for stuff that’s essentially free kinda stinks. Like water, right? But Wi-Fi? When it’s freely available at about 80 percent of the places you go, why the heck are you paying your wireless carrier so much when you can use Wi-Fi for free? That’s how we’ve created the cheapest cell phone plan ever—Free! With Scratch Wireless, you’ll always use Wi-Fi First℠, whenever possible, and service on Wi-Fi is always free. If you need voice or data and Wi-Fi isn’t available, you can hop on the Sprint Nationwide Network for a nominal fee—a one-and-done deal, no contract involved.

Stop paying for a free commodity. Buy a Motorola Photon Q from Scratch Wireless and get the cheapest smartphone plan around, the free plan!

Wireless contracts are kind of a bummer, right? You’re locked in to a full two years of paying crazy rates for services you could be getting for free. They give you this so-called great discount on a new smartphone—but only every two years, and only if you agree to lock yourself in to another contract you can’t get out of unless you pay an early-termination fee, usually to the tune of a couple hundred bucks. There’s gotta be a better way…and there is. With Scratch Wireless, here’s how it works:

  • Free unlimited talk, text and data any time you’re on Wi-Fi
  • Free text messaging when you’re away from Wi-Fi
  • Pay-as-you-go voice and data services available on the Sprint Nationwide Network but never with any contract or obligation.
  • Forget cheap cell phone plans, go with free smartphone service from Scratch.

Step out of the contract clenches and get the cheapest smartphone plan around (the free plan) by purchasing a Motorola Photon Q from Scratch Wireless.

One of the greatest joys of owning a smartphone is the ability to send text messages. And that joy was yours, with no limits, for a while. Until the major wireless carriers decided they were leaving money on the table and took those cheap unlimited cell phone plans away for good.

Or did they?

Your wireless carrier may say texting isn’t free, but Scratch Wireless says it is. Whether you’re on Wi-Fi or you’ve hopped on the Nationwide Sprint Network to fill in a Wi-Fi coverage gap, every text message you send is free.

Scratch Wireless offers the cheapest unlimited cell phone plans with free voice and data on Wi-Fi, free, unlimited texting always, and no contracts. Get your Motorola Photon Q from Scratch Wireless and it’s all yours.

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    "The phone is great, the service is spectacular, and we recommend it to anyone who prefers FREE over paid."

    - James Agee, ToastPop

    "Why pay for wireless service when Wi-Fi is everywhere I go? I love not paying a set monthly phone fee."

    - Donna B., Sarasota, FL

    "The phone works great, set-up was simple, and I pay NOTHING. What more can I ask for?"

    - Cameron P, Henryetta, OK

    "This is a great way to cut costs. Why should I pay for something that's already free? I'm sold."

    - Bay A., Camden, NJ