Your kids will love our smartphone—the whole family will love that the service is free.

When you buy a Scratch smartphone, you'll never have to pay a penny for service.

Wi-Fi is nearly everywhere, and it's free. You only need cellular to fill the gaps. Our phones use Wi-Fi wherever possible—we call this Wi-Fi First℠. When there's no Wi-Fi around, the Sprint Nationwide Network is there to back you up so you're always connected.

What you'll pay with other wireless providers:

Average age for
first smartphone:
11 years old

Added to the
family plan at:

Cost of service for
one smartphone:

Average kid stays on the family plan until his mid-20s

That adds up to over $10k in monthly fees

Your family has more important things to spend money on than a wireless bill.

Scratch smartphones can send texts, run apps, and even make phone calls using the Wi-Fi connections you already have. And if you're like most, you have access to Wi-Fi almost everywhere you go.

College tuition

First car

Down payment
on a first home

What you'll pay for Scratch Wireless service:


Let's review.

  1. Try Scratch Wireless risk-free for 30 days.

  2. Keep your old number or get a new one.

  3. Unlimited free texting on Wi-Fi and cellular.

  4. Unlimited free voice and data on Wi-Fi.

  5. Pay-as-you-go access to cellular service for as little as $1.99.

  6. No contracts, no ads, no catch—just free service.

So switch to Scratch and
start enjoying free wireless today.