About Us

We created Scratch Wireless for one simple reason: We believe wireless should be free. Why? Because it can be. Smartphones can send texts, run apps, and even make calls using the Internet connections we already have. So we asked ourselves why we're paying so much for wireless. In fact, why are we paying at all?

When we couldn't come up with a good answer, we decided to build an entirely new kind of phone company from the ground up. We assembled a team of talented, passionate entrepreneurs and industry veterans who are working tirelessly to change wireless service for better and for always.

The Team

Eric Giler

Co-Founder / Executive Chairman

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Alan Berrey

Co-Founder / CEO

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Mike DeJadon

VP, Product Development

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Jon Finegold

VP, Marketing

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Aaron Heiner

VP, Engineering

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Eric Paul

VP, Network Operations

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Brian Davis

Director, Telephony

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Kelly Gerard

Director, Customer Support

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